Crochet... granny or cool?

I have recently started to learn the art of crocheting, and when i say learn, I mean that if I would have to say what grade my skills were at... it would be Grade 1!

While watching and practicing with two of my nanna's was very helpful with picking up the rhythm and tension, I found it was hard to understand the patterns they were creating...Double crochet this, single crochet that, this size hook for this yarn, this size hook for that.... I was overwhelmed...

So like any 20 something does..... I resorted to YouTube! 

There are what seems like 100,000+ videos offering to help teach you to crochet, but finding the right one for you is paramount. what do you type in? 'Crochet for beginners'? 'Learn to Crochet'? 'Crochet 101'? I can assure you, all of these with get a result. 

My first real project is to master the 'Granny Sqaure', and after watching a YouTube video about 200 times, so far I've got the feel for it. I was able to crochet a few square...without knowing how to finish them off!

Here is a picture of my 98% finished first few squares and my practicing a round pattern. They are definitely not amazing, but do resemble some sort of pattern.

Practising a circle pattern

Practising a circle pattern

Granny Squares... They need to be pulled into shape.

Granny Squares... They need to be pulled into shape.

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